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Always a popular choice at Pascale’s Liquors in Liverpool, tequila is available in a diverse range of flavor profiles and coloration to suit everything from sipping with a twist of lime to mixing in fruity cocktails. However, one distinctive factor defines all varieties of tequila: the blue agave plant.

Tequila belongs to the mezcal family of alcohols, all of which are made with varying types of agave. Yet genuine tequila must be crafted with the blue agave plant only, and the process is a labor-intensive one, from growing these massive plants to removing the hearts that form the basis of the spirit. And, because the plants are grown all over Mexico, the flavor and aroma of tequila can vary based on the region of its origin.

Not sure which tequila is right for your drink of choice? Try our quick guide to common varieties to ensure your drinks are perfectly crafted each and every time.

Silver, White and Blanco Tequila

What’s the difference between white, silver and blanco tequila? Whether you’re enjoying Recipe 21 Silver Tequila or serving up cocktails crafted with Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila, all of these spirits are created using the same process of distillation in a stainless-steel barrel with no aging before bottling. These more aggressive liquors are perfect for a refreshing Margarita or Paloma, although you and your guests may prefer a smoother tequila for serving straight.

Reposado Tequila

If your taste buds crave something between the sharpness of blanco tequila and the warm smoothness of gold tequila, medium-aged reposado tequila may just be the ticket. Aged in oak from just a few months to a full year, these tequilas deliver a briney profile that could be the all-star of your home bar – stock up on Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado Tequila to satisfy the guests asking for shots or a special Bloody Mary for brunch alike.

Gold tequilas such as Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila and Sauza Gold Tequila are known for their caramel coloration, derived from time spent aging in wood barrels. Flavoring may also be added, resulting in this distinctive hue, and gold tequila is often produced from a blend of silver tequila and high-quality aged tequila. The result? A smooth flavor that’s perfect for shots or sipping over ice.

Añejo Tequila

The finest spirits are a must, and they should always be savored. If this sounds familiar, a good-quality añejo tequila, such as Roca Patron Añejo Tequila, makes a great addition to your liquor cabinet. Aged for several years in oak, these tequilas offer a level of complexity that connoisseurs are sure to appreciate.


As we determined earlier, all tequila is mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila. That’s because mezcal is derived from a wider variety of agave plants and turned into spirits in a process that hasn’t changed in more than 200 years. Try El Buho Mezcal to get a taste of this spirit’s rich, smoky flavor – it’s ideal for enjoying on the rocks or adding a new twist to your favorite tequila cocktails.

No matter what type of tequila or mezcal you’re in search of, Pascale’s Liquors in Liverpool can help. Stop by or contact us today to learn more about all we have to offer and get expert advice on tequila and more.

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