Producer/Distillery: Mast-Jägermeister
Region: Germany
ABV: 355
Size: 750ml, & 1L

Dark, bold and packed with intense flavor, Jägermeister is unlike any liqueur you’ve ever sipped before. Originally a celebratory drink for hunters (hence the “jäger”), it’s the ideal drink to mark every big win — or even a well-deserved weekend.  This dark-colored liqueur is made with 56 different herbs and spices, including licorice, anise, ginger, juniper berries and citrus peel. The herb and spice blend is steeped in water and alcohol, and its aged in oak barrels for a year. There’s no whiskey in Jäger, but nothing’s stopping you from adding a little. In fact, some fans prefer to pair the herbal liqueur with whiskey or rum. The easiest way to enjoy Jägermeister is in the form of an ice-cold shot, preferably chilled to zero degrees.