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Rum is a fun addition to any social gathering, as it seamlessly blends with your favorite fruity drinks for the perfect cocktail, and tastes just as pleasant when sipped straight or on the rocks. Known for its production in the tropical lands of Latin America and the Caribbean Islands, rum is made in a variety of countries around the world, from Spain to Thailand and the United States.

Created from sugarcane juices or sugarcane byproducts like molasses, rum is then stored and aged in wooden barrels to achieve the desired product. The coloration of rum varies from crystal-clear white rum to amber-hued golden and dark rum due to the specific ingredients, storage and aging methods and any additional ingredients added for flavor.

Pascale’s Liquors in Liverpool offers a vast inventory of rum varieties from around the world. Check out our selection and discover the delicious drinks you can make with rum.

Silver Rum

Silver, also known as light or white, rums lack the golden hue traditionally associated with rum because silver rums are filtered after they’ve aged. Silver rums are generally lighter in flavor, which makes them ideal for mixing and blending to create cocktails. You can find Bacardi Superior Rum on the shelves of Pascale’s Liquors the next time you’re looking to whip up fun, fruity beverages – for example, simply blend your favorite silver rum with one of our non-alcoholic cocktail mixers for refreshing Piña Coladas.

Gold Rum

Gold rums are amber in color because they spent time aging in oak casks. Gold rums are smokier and more flavorful than silver rums, and can exude flavors of dried fruit and chocolate – like Foursquare 2004 Cask Strength Rum. Mix your favorite gold rum with cola and ice, and relax with this sparkling, caramel-flavored beverage for a classic Rum and Coke.

Dark Rum

Typically created from caramelized sugar and molasses, dark rums give off stronger flavors with subtle tones of spice. Aside from being used in cooking, dark rums like Goslings Black Seal Rum can be blended to make fruitier cocktails or even combined with iced coffee or milk for a rich, decadent drink.

Spiced Rum

For rich and spicy flavors sure to delight your taste buds, try rums like Captain Morgan Private Stock Spiced Rum and Tenpenny Spiced Rum. Enjoy hints of cinnamon, pepper and cardamom when you mix spiced rum with warm apple cider for the perfect fall beverage.

Flavored Rum

Banana, mango, coconut, lime and pineapple – these are just a few of the many flavors infused with rum to create distinctive tastes. Malibu Coconut Rum and other flavored rums are delicious when sipped on the rocks or blended into a wide variety of tropical beverages, bringing a touch of fun to classics and contemporary drinks alike.

Whether you’re serving drinks on the deck, hosting a party or simply sipping cocktails after dinner, stocking your bar with rum is a great way to accommodate a vast array of preferences. Shop Pascale’s Liquors in Liverpool, NY to browse our assortment of quality rums and learn more about the right options for your favorite drinks.

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