Producer/Distillery: Lillet
Region: France
ABV: 17%
Size: 750ml

Blended from 85 percent Semillon grapes from Bordeaux and 15 percent orange peels from Spain and Haiti, Lillet Blanc is an aromatic wine that’s the perfect apéritif for any occasion.  Lillet Blanc offers a mishmash of tastes including candied oranges, honey and pine resin. At 17 percent ABV, it’s a bit stronger than most wines, but without being classified as a fortified wine. Lillet Blanc is the classy drink that many people don’t know exists. It’s an excellent choice for a pre-dinner beverage, making a toast or paired with brunch. Drinking it on the rocks can bring out all the exotic fruits that go into its production, while an orange garnish adds a splash of color to the mix. While Lillet Blanc is terrific on the rocks, the Vesper is a real show stopper. Made with gin, vodka and Lillet Blanc, it’s the preferred beverage of James Bond in both books and film. It’s not guaranteed to turn you into a suave secret agent, but at least you can try your hand at the accent.