Producer/Distillery: The Macallan Distillery
Region: Scotland
Aged: 12yrs
ABV: 40%
Size: 750ml

After The Macallan 12 Year emerges from the oak cask, it has a flavor that’s tantamount to pure pleasure for the avid Scotch fan, and even for beginners. Opening the bottle reveals a not-so-subtle aroma of vanilla, followed by ginger and dried fruit. If this doesn’t make you run off for a nice helping of dessert, pour yourself two fingers and take a sip. You’ll be greeted by toffee, sherry, wood smoke and a spiciness that’s a thing unto itself. Like a cup of coffee, there’s really no wrong way to drink The Macallan, but purists will tell you it’s perfect neat or with a splash of water to get the flavors popping.