Producer: New Amsterdam Spirits
Region: California
ABV: 40%
Size: 1L & 1.75L


While vodka may be New Amsterdam’s most famous spirit, overlooking the delicious, smooth gin is almost certainly a crime. Launched in 2007 during the height of the domestic gin resurgence, New Amsterdam Gin has a citrus-first approach, relying more on these fruits than the classic juniper recipe. Crafted with botanicals and citrus, New Amsterdam Gin is a modern take on the classic juniper-based liquor that’s been perfected over the past 400 years. Gin snobs may dislike this approach to gin, but it’s perfect as a mixer for classic cocktails. Plus, how many gin snobs actually exist anyway? The nose of New Amsterdam Gin sticks out like Pinocchio, and that isn’t a lie. That’s because its candied orange, angelica and lemon oil waft into your nostrils much to your liking. What comes next is a lull that’s followed by a burst of citrus that’s almost like opening a bag of Skittles. No, you won’t be making some sort of candied Skittles drink (unless that’s your thing), but it does go great with fruit juices and others.